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Recumbents are increasingly seen in daily traffic. In contrast to the conventional construction of a bicycle, the driver of a recumbent bike assumes a partial or full lying position while driving. Instead of the saddle has a recumbent a net or bucket seat. The pedals are mounted on the recumbent front. Riding a recumbent bike takes some getting used to, but not much more difficult than riding a conventional bike.

After the chain drive had established itself in bicycle construction, the first precursors of the recumbent bike were designed in 1893. In 1914 Peugeot produced the first recumbent in mass production. In the 1930s, the first recumbents for the sport competition came on the market and achieved the hourly world record at a speed of 45.056 kilometers per hour, which could be set only five years later by a road bike conventional construction. Despite the lower demand following the post-war years, the technical development of recumbents was pushed forward, especially for the sports sector. While in the 1980s, fully disguised tricycles set numerous records, succeeded in 1990 with the new single-lane low-flyers, the renewed breakthrough in the sporting field and at the same time in the field of recreational sports. Today, an estimated 30,000 recumbents are traveling in Germany.

A recumbent bike differentiates between different types of front or rear wheel drive and various types of handlebars, such as direct or indirect steering. The short-hauler is the most frequently represented type of recumbent bike and is, so to speak, the all-rounder for everyday life and travel. So-called chair wheels offer a slightly higher and upright seating position and are ideally suited for city traffic thanks to a better overview. For the long-hauler, the driver has the greatest comfort due to the long frame.

The benefits of a recumbent are seen in the relaxed posture, which has a very positive effect on pelvic area, spine and intervertebral discs. The lower air resistance and the relaxed posture ensure a fatigue-free driving. The disadvantages are when driving on roads with sand, gravel or greasy surfaces, since the risk of falling when recumbent with two wheels here is higher than the conventional bike.
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